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[Edited after feedback] Product Descriptive Summary + Analysis – Final Submission

[Edited after feedback] Product Descriptive Summary + Analysis – Final Submission


AutoWiz – OBD-II Telematics Solution



According to Tyagi (2016), the product AutoWiz, which was developed by SenSight Technologies is a telematics solution in the form of a mobile application that tracks a vehicle’s location and provides behavioral analytics on the user’s driving patterns while offering diagnostics on the vehicle remotely. Touted to be an intuitive product, AutoWiz collects and feeds data to the cloud when plugged into the OBD-II port of a vehicle. The user can then launch a dashboard on the AutoWiz mobile app, which displays the analyzed data. The AutoWiz app is supposed to allow the user to track a vehicle’s actual position in real-time with notifications, while updating the user on key engine diagnostic data such as coolant temperature to mitigate breakdowns. Furthermore, AutoWiz provides an anti-theft alarm feature which notifies the user in the event of a mishap. Finally, AutoWiz promotes improvement in a user’s driving habits by providing trip statistics and regular performance reviews. However, it is noted in the review that the vehicle tracking was only close to real-time as the vehicle position only updates every few seconds. Nevertheless, Tyagi summarizes AutoWiz to be a telematics product which “combines various elements of IoT and analytics technology to offer a seamless connected car solution.” (Tyagi, 2016)

AutoWiz is an intelligent telematics solution that redefines the relationship between a vehicle and its owner at an affordable cost. At only $155 Singapore dollars (AutoWiz, 2017), the approximate cost of 80 litres or two tanks of fuel in Singapore, AutoWiz collects data from the user’s vehicle and presents comprehensible feedback to the driver. This allows the driver to synergize better with the vehicle to achieve greater efficiency by facilitating effective route planning and cost savings through improving driver behaviour and promoting preventive maintenance by utilizing the solution’s car health report feature. Furthermore, a review in the TEAM-BHP.COM forum (2016) touted AutoWiz to be “trouble free” in installing. The very same reviewer concluded his review expressing his satisfaction with AutoWiz as it appeared to him as a cost effective solution which fulfilled his needs. AutoWiz falls into the category of OBD tracking units which have the potential to “improve your fleet operations and make fuel and global fleet savings.” (Malacarne, 2017) At such a low investment cost, we believe that users will quickly recover the cost of AutoWiz in fuel savings alone through continuous driver feedback which helps the driver optimize his throttle and braking to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption alone. The benefits are supplemented by savings  in maintenance costs through preventive maintenance, which mitigates unforeseen vehicle breakdowns that would likely incur greater corrective maintenance costs. With the plethora of possibilities unlocked through a lightweight box barely larger than the size of a matchbox, AutoWiz undoubtedly presents a strong case as an investment consumers and fleet owners should not miss out on.

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Photos below by TEAM-BHP.COM

Review: Autowiz Car Tracker-img_3349.jpg

Review: Autowiz Car Tracker-img_3356-1.jpg



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